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Discover the History & Hauntings of the Illinois Prairie as the Haunted Jacksonville Tour from American Hauntings returns to offer a chilling new look at the lingering spirits of Jacksonville's historic downtown! Journey back in time and discover the events of the past that have created the hauntings of today!
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Tours: Most of the Haunted Jacksonville Tours are approximately 3hourss in length. Public tours are available May - October each year! See schedule below for a list of upcoming length. Public tours are available May - October each year! See schedule below for a list of upcoming dates.
Time: See Schedule Below! Most tours will begin at 7:00 p.m. unless marked otherwise.
Prices: $25 Per Person
$20 Children (12 and under)
$20 Illinois College & MacMurray College Students (Current)
Departs: From Center of the Jacksonville Square / Free Parking!

by Troy Taylor & Lisa Taylor-Horton

Discover the history, hauntings, legends and lore of Jacksonville, Illinois! From the early days of the city's settlement to the stories of tragedy and mystery that continue to haunt Jacksonville today. We'll take you behind the tales of the city's most haunted places -- a book you won't want to miss!
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Take a journey back in time to the early days of Jacksonville history and explore the ghostly tales that have long haunted the city! This is not just a ghost tour – escape from the ordinary and discover the secret side of the city with the
Haunted Jacksonville Tour!

 Join American Hauntings and Lisa Taylor Horton for historic –and haunted—tour of Jacksonville, one of the most spirited towns on the Illinois prairie. Jacksonville had its humble beginnings in 1819 at the north fork of the Mauvaisterre River and became a town in 1825. The city has been home to three Illinois governors, Joseph Duncan, Richard Yates and Richard Yates, Jr., along with presidential nominees and attorneys, Stephen A. Douglass, and William Jennings Bryan. Jacksonville is also home to two acclaimed schools, Illinois College and MacMurrary College, each with ghost stories of their own.
  Jacksonville also holds a unique place in American history. In 1919, the Eli Bridge Company relocated to the city. W.E. Sullivan, who owned the bridge building business, was so impressed by his ride on the first Ferris Wheel at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago that he designed the first portable Ferris wheel that could be moved from place to place. The "Big Eli" wheel debuted in Jacksonville's Central Park in 1900. It was a great success and Sullivan incorporated his company to take on investors and mass produce the wheels. Soon, amusement rides made in Jacksonville could be found all over the country.

The city also holds a strange place in America’s supernatural history. In 1847, the city became home to the Illinois State Asylum and Hospital for the Insane, the first such hospital in the state. It was here in 1865 that a young woman named Mary Roff died under mysterious circumstances. More than twelve years later, Mary’s spirit allegedly possessed the body of a young girl named Lurancy Vennum and became known as the “Watseka Wonder,” a phenomenon that remains one of the most documented cases of the paranormal in history.
The Haunted Jacksonville Tour begins on the Square and visits sites all over downtown Jacksonville, including the former Hockenhull. In the middle 1850s, John Hockenhull and his family left England and immigrated to Jacksonville, opening an apothecary on the downtown square. This venture proved to be so successful and that second building was added behind the original to act as a warehouse to overflow of additional merchandise that was offered for sale. In 1966, a fire claimed the lives of seven people in the second floor of the original building. Since that time numerous activities have been reported both up and downstairs. From 1928 to 1978, the Emporium Department store, called another former Hockenhull building home. This store was privately owned by Eddie Goldstein for many years and offered fine clothing. During a routine maintenance inspection of the elevator system in the 1950s, a tragic event occurred when a repairman was killed, falling three floors from the second floor to the basement.
And this is only the beginning... you'll also experience Our Saviors Parish Rectory, MacMurray College, Morgan County Court House, Old Norris Hospital, High School Apartments, Jacksonville Theatre Guild and more. Join us for a night you won't soon forget!

Saturday, October 24: Haunted Jacksonville Tour
7:00 p.m. -- Departs from the Center of Jacksonville Square

Saturday, October 25: Haunted Jacksonville Tour
7:00 p.m. -- Departs from the Center of Jacksonville Square
Our Haunted Jacksonville Tours for this Fall are Sold Out! But check back soon for our "Dead of Winter" bus tours that will take you beyond downtown to Other sites in our haunted city!  
Join us at the Haunted Jacksonville Booth during Main Street Jacksonville's Annual Pumpkin Festival during the day and meet Troy Taylor and Lisa Taylor-Horton, the authors of the new Haunted Jacksonville book and get an autographed copy -- then stick around for a tour of the city that night (reservations required!)!
Hope to see you then!

October 25: Night at the
Hockenhull Building
Downtown Jacksonville Square

Join us for a night in search of the ghosts of BOTH Hockenhull Buildings, the scene of a deadly fire and a suicide, which left lingering spirits in this historic site!
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October 31: Night at the Jacksonville Theatre Guild
Join us for a Halloween night ghost hunt at one of the most haunted locations in Jacksonville. Search for the spirits that linger in the former funeral home, doctor's office and boarding house!
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December 6: Night at the Times Theater
East State Street
Join us for a night at this reputedly haunted theater and help search for the lingering spirits of the past. It's going to be an eerie night that you don't want to miss!
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Haunted Jacksonville Walking Tours: Our Haunted Jacksonville Tour takes you to spirited sites in the old downtown area and each tour lasts approximately 3 hours. The tour will include not only the ghost stories behind each of the reputedly haunted sites, but their history as well. Popular with ghost enthusiasts and history buffs alike, the tour includes visits to a number of haunted locations (number depends on availability), odd and unusual stories about the city and more!
$25 per person

Public Tours: Public Tours are offered throughout the spring, summer and fall, with special tours offered in the Halloween season. All tickets are sold on a reservations-only basis and are first come / first served according to when reservations are received. Spaces are limited for all tours. Price: $25 per person

Private Tours: Private Haunted Jacksonville Tours are available for groups of 12 people or more. A 30-day notice and deposit are required for reservations. Private tours are available to be customized to include dinner and other options. Prices start at $25 per person. Check with us about customizing your tour! (Note: Any Private Tours during the month of October must be booked at least 30 days in advance!)
 Lisa Taylor Horton is a Jacksonville native and Illinois College graduate. She is also the Tour Coordinator for the American Hauntings Tours and the co-author of the book, HAUNTED JACKSONVILLE with Troy Taylor. A long-time ghost enthusiast and researcher, she has spent most of her life searching for the ghost stories and hauntings of the area.

Along with help from other American Hauntings staff members, like Hannah Grey, Lisa will be giving locals and visitors alike the chance to see a "different" side of Jacksonville that they won't soon forget.
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All Rights Reserved.

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